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We are devoted to research with a real-world impact -
to accomplish this, we partner with and support organizations that aim to bring about positive changes in the world of work.
Our partners and projects
We partnered with Time magazine to help its readers assess their fit with their jobs. See here for the survey and here a write-up of the project. This project led to research insight into the global nature of vocational interests and their relationship with socioeconomic factors.
We partnered with UNESCO to think critically about how psychological research in tandem with big data and information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be used to promote workforce development via changes to policy and innovative applied research projects. See here.
We are partnering with WorldSkills to help people discover what jobs and skills they might enjoy and be successful at. See here for the interactive survey we have developed with Terence Tracey. This research is helping to advance a global understanding of vocational interests.
We are partnering with SkillsUSA to help skills competitors to accelerate their careers by learning more about their interests and the world of work and by getting connected online with career development resources.
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